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As a coach, facilitator & moderator, mentor and trainer I'm helping individuals and enterprises to become better versions of themselves, day by day, in sustainable ways.
My services are based on two decades of hands-on experience with agile and pragmatic teams.
Embrace Change!
Rolf F. Katzenberger

Product development
based on values

Solution Focus

Solution talk
creates solutions

Accelerated Learning

Training from The BACK of the Room!
by Sharon Bowman

The Art of Hosting

Conversations that matter
need hosts who care

July 2017

13. 7.2017 bis 15. 7.2017πŸ‡¬πŸ‡· #AgileCrete Coach+Dev Camp 2017 (Open Space unconference, 3 days)Vita Hotels Arina Sand Hotel, Kokkini Hani, Gouves 715 00 #AgileCrete is an Open Space unconference that connects agile software development professionals from all over the world.

It’s the playground where coaches and development team members gather to exchange and challenge ideas about all things agile.

We deeply believe that it’s worth to gather in a place that inspires people and opens them up for new perspectives. See you there!