Back in the office, meetings barely “meh…”?

So you’re back at the office, at least occasionally. Nobody is longing for old-school meetings to resume, but your in-person meetings don’t feel much different from before. Ever thought about calling in a seasoned facilitator, for a change?

How about seizing the opportunity now to focus entirely on the topics at hand, as a group? Here’s a starting point:

What would we like to be able to say, once we’ve succeeded?

Trust me with creating a space for conversation, together with you. There’s a lot more than just “meetings”. Drawing on many years of experience as a facilitator, I can help you with finding the most productive conversation format for your group. Whether it’s a small or a huge one; maintaining an amicable atmosphere, or caught in entrenched conflicts; at your premises, or off-site, for a change.

Just drop me a note. I’m looking forward to our conversation.

Image Credits:
orange and white plastic egg toy photo (modified) | Photo von Tengyart auf Unsplash