Can we please skip this “solution focus” crap and talk about my problems?

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Maybe you’ve come across Solution Focus only as a pompous word for a dull  Fake it till you make it?

Here’s a small thought experiment: list five things that come to your mind first, when you’re thinking about a great vacation. Take a moment to fill that list with stuff that really matters to you.

Now do the counting: how many of the list items revolved around something that you want more of, like:  sun, quality time with your family, mountain biking, reading, great food? In contrast, how many revolved around something that you want less of, like: no flight controllers on strike, no moldy corners in your hotel bath room, no empty trays at the breakfast buffet, no dirty rental car, no broken air condition?

Are you forging your other plans, too, around what you want, as often (and as mindful) as around what you don’t want?

I love to talk about your problems with you. And even more about your preferred future, so you’ll get better and better at deciding which problems really deserve your attention.

So you’ll get better at noticing where that future is already happening – and how you succeeded at making it so.

So it becomes clearer and clearer what you want more of, and where to go for it.