Is agile teamwork really that different from process-oriented?

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As long as the team is still preoccupied with “methodologies”, the answer is yes.

Afterwards, it’s no.

Let me elaborate. After three decades of work in the software business, I still haven’t seen a scientifically solid proof that any methodology yields better results than any other, at least in the majority of all circumstances, in the average. As a matter of fact, I’m reading related studies just because I have to and because my clients keep asking me about them. For every published study you can find another one allows for contradicting conclusions.

At the same time I’ve experienced a lot of teams that were successful because they believed in their way of doing things, which made them walk the extra mile whenever necessary. It didn’t really matter whether officially, they claimed to be a lean team, or an agile or a traditional one.

My conclusion: as a coach, I will passionately support people who belive in the same values and principles like I do. I will leave proselytism to others and trust the the course of history will teach everybody the right lessons.