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May 2024

Thu 2nd to Sat 4th🌐➕ WORLD SF DAYActivities all over the world to showcase the possibilities of Solution Focus. Find the Facebook group for inspiration and add your own event for May 3rd 2019!

Where to look:

How come May 3rd is three days, here?

  • Across all time zones, World SF Day starts first on the island of Kiritimati (🇰🇮 Kiribati), and finally ends on Howland Island (🇺🇸 USA)


July 2024

Tue 2nd to Wed 3rdShow in Google map🇬🇧 UKASFP Conference 2024: STAYING FOCUSED!JobServe Community Stadium, United Way, Colchester CO4 5UP, UK"Celebrating 20 years of opening hearts and minds"

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