Portrait of Rolf F. Katzenberger


As a facilitator, coach, trainer and mentor I'm helping individuals and enterprises to become better versions of themselves, day by day, in sustainable ways.

My services are based on two decades of hands-on experience with pragmatic teams.

«If it works, it's right.»
Rolf F. Katzenberger

Brain-Friendly Facilitation

Workshops & "meeting" designs, tuned to how brains work best on outcomes.
I prepare in-person & remote events with you, and facilitate them.

Solution-Focused Team Coaching

I'm helping teams to pin down what they want more of,
and how they'll move forward.

Hosting change

Change is a guest that needs to be invited and hosted.
I'm coaching change hosts.

Back in the office, meetings barely “meh…”?

Eggs painted with a sharpie, bearing faces displaying various emotions. Arranged in an egg holder from a fridge.

So you’re back at the office, at least occasionally. Nobody is longing for old-school meetings to resume, but your in-person meetings don’t feel much different from before.

Ever thought about calling in a seasoned facilitator, for a change?

Let me help.