SF Community Calendar?

What’s the purpose of the SF Community Calendar?

This community-maintained calendar lists not-for-profit conferences, unconferences, retreats, meetups, public general meetings and similar events in the field of Solution Focus (SF). It is meant to be a global resource, for people who want to have, and contribute to, an overview of such events, in a central place.

That place is simply a shared calendar, which can be used and integrated in many ways (see below), on many platforms.

The language used in the titles and descriptions of the events is the language spoken at the respective event.

While announcements of for-profit or promotional events, like workshops, courses and similar offerings, have their value, this calendar is not a forum for publishing information about them. If you are interested in creating a calendar for such events, I’d be happy to help you with that.

What can you do with the calendar, and how?

Subscribe to it on Android, iPhone or in MS Outlook

You can subscribe to this public calendar feed on your Android or iPhone device, or in MS Outlook. The URL to use is:


Share an event that you are passionate about

Any contribution is very much appreciated! The goal is to have many passionate members of the community each sharing just a single event they really care about – not to have a small group of “maintainers” overwhelmed by the task of keeping up with all SF events, world-wide.

All you need to add and edit events is an account with Google. Adding an event to this calendar works the same as adding one to your private calendar.

Have a look at existing calendar entries and simply 🥚🥚 mimic them. If you need a little more guidance, you might want to read a few suggestions for how to create brief, effective calendar entries.

So if you feel passionate about at least one event, just email rfkatzenberger@googlemail.com to be added.

More geeky fun with the public calendar feed

As you already know, all event data is available via the public calendar feed:

  • The software that runs your website might be able to process that into a nice table view, like here.
  • The software that runs your website might be able to process that into a nice list, like here.

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