Pragmatic Teams

What kind of people would you like to have on your team?

What’s the hallmark of a great team?

It is pragmatic. It sticks with a few, timeless principles:

If it works, it’s right

Something is relevant only if it makes a difference. And it’s right if it works today, all things considered. Realize when something is good enough, and let go. What matters is the net result for the team, not your individual advantage or result.

Always in medias res

Don’t aim the duck to death. It’s not enough to think about your first step, you need to make it. Make sure you can confidently change your direction, at all times. Get open, honest feedback from people, and from machines alike. Save yourself unnecessary drama and sloppiness that requires heroism to clean up – there are enough genuine opportunities for you and your team to prove your talents.

You’re never alone

Respect each member of your team and respect the team as a whole. Teams aren’t anonymous, and neither are you. Customers are part of the team, even though their expectations are ranked higher than yours.

Only a team that’s intact can give you energy. It’s only the net result for the team that matters, and you’re responsible for it. Everything around you that breaks, is broken or stays broken will sooner or later become your individual problem.

Love and learn your profession

Enjoy being an apprentice, a journey-level person,  and a master, all at the same time. It’s not a matter of age or of status, but of curiosity, of practice, and of experience. The person who determines your worth is essentially you.

As an apprentice, practice the basics thoroughly, learn how to use the tools of the trade and follow the rules. Choose your masters wisely. As a journey-level person, keep looking for solutions and alternatives. Never forget that you’ll always stay an apprentice, as well. As a master, become a source of inspiration. Never forget that you’ll always stay an apprentice, and a journey-level person as well. Choose your limits wisely.